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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Early 30's Career Change a.k.a. the 'why i'm doing this' post.

after all the comments regarding this post, the author decided to write this one. below is my comment on it - putting it up here for prosperity, and because i'm still trying to find the best way to describe why i'm doing this.

Thanks for this post, Sam. Fortunately I'm already doing most, if not all, of what you suggest. ever since i was old enough to read I sponged up anything aviation related. As for goals, mine is simple - fly without having to pay for it and if possible, have flying be my major source of income. whether that's as FO on an RJ, dropping meat bombs on the weekend, or pulling ads through the sky, it is what it is. my love for flying goes well beyond money, and as far as a comfortable lifestyle...let's just say i don't go to bed at night with a smile on my face because I had a really productive day in the cubicle / computer lab / what-have-you, it's usually because i learned something new with my cfi, or demonstrated something in the air that i've only read about in the text books. when I fly I still get the same feeling everytime - *everytime* - that this is the best thing ever, and this is after 12 years of being a professional student. the mix of physics, radios, structure, adventure, whim, and serenity of being up there will never get old. it might get clouded by company politics, low pay, and god forbid, other's cynicism, but it will always be there to find again. call that sentiment naive, but the grass is always greener. luckily i have a fallback career...but frankly, i'm sick of doing it!

becoming a private pilot made me a better person. it effected everything i do, adding structure, analytical thinking and a calm under pressure - things i don't think i'd ever have uncovered in myself. so that, mixed with what i wrote above, tells me there's nothing else i should be doing except to continue...IR, CPL, CFI, MEI...and on and on.

oh, and I guess ATP now as well :P