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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bad Attitude...indicator

second time i've experienced an AI failure in the warrior (N238ND). First time was in an instrument lesson, so hey, partial panel practice! it actually made the flight easier with one less steam gauge in the scan. I squawked it and it was verified by another CFI as "not reproducible." Well, this time I was by myself in VFR conditions (of course...for now) and I snapped this pic of it:

From Blogger Pictures

I verified it was the gyros (it can only be one other thing.) Here's my method of thinking: The heading indicator which runs off the same vacuum system used to turn the gyros was functioning just fine. Suction (vacuum) gauge was reading well, and putting on the standby vacuum pump (god, these newer warriors are nice!) made no difference. The strange thing is that after about 10 minutes of flight (on both legs) it starts working just fine.

Needless to say, I squawked it again - this time offering the above proof!

206.5 hours and counting...

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