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Saturday, April 10, 2010

busted checkride - how to deal

did you just bust a checkride? i know how it feels, i did too! it was my instrument checkride, nonetheless. it feels like being dumped, fired and arrested all at the same time. that sinking feeling in your stomach...'am i one of those pilots that you hear about? did i just seriously bust a checkride? what about my flying career? how will i handle this in job interviews?' maybe there are more tears, or swears, but that's pretty much what it's like.

after my bust i started reading around the web about busts, and most advice is correct. the DE did it to keep you and your passengers safe, but it's a learning experience, you'll fix what's wrong, and you'll get it right. one of the CFIs i'm friends with had this great advice, "and now you'll have a great story for the interview." he's right - what a great opportunity to tell your future employer about an experience that made you a better and safer pilot!

now here's hoping you or i don't bust the re-test...mmmkay?

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